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" He said, but I already had it in my hands, although still in his pants."You jerk it off, and I'll help." I said as he quickly yanked down his zipped and dragged it out, not needing to be coaxed.I reached to the bed stand and got a handful of tissues as he started to stroke himself, standing in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed."NO cum in my hair, my clothes, my face or especially my mouth; YOUR responsibility! If I taste it one more time I'll wretch." I told him as I bent and had my lips close to the head as he stroked.I stuck my tongue out and wiped it over the head and he tried to push in, but I pulled away."NO! You jerk it and I said I would help you." I said to make sure he didn't try thrusting in my mouth.He complied and I would occasionally wrap my mouth over the head and pull off and then look up at him. When I knew he was close and I pushed the Kleenex into his hand.He put the tissues out in front of him and straightened up groaning as he came into the wad. He. Unable to keep her herself awake Mika felt herself fall into a heavy sleep.She didn’t know how many hours had passed but when she awoke to was to him inside of her again. Her body still raw from her last fucking she whimpered in pain but did not cry out anymore, afraid of another blow to the head. This time seemed to take longer and after awhile the pain grew to numbness and she cast her eyes to the ceiling as her small body was rocked into with rhythm and force.

Once he left she was bathed, perfumed and presented again down stairs. Tears stung her eyes as she saw who awaited her. While Sarkis was now her master, one man would always have the right to have her, and he had come for that right. Her father’s cool gaze hit her like ice as she descended the last steps. He was narrow faced and cruel lipped and as he watched her move her body with the slightest falter do to last night’s fucking he saw his lips turn into a sneer.
“Is she ruined?” Her father asked Sarkis, though his eyes.
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